What's New

22. Oct. 2007
Rob is heading to Washington D.C. for a meeting and poster session at the National Science Foundation in Arlington, Va.

22. Jun. 2006
Just arrived in Dalian, China. I will be doing research here for 4 months.

22. Dec. 2005
Winter has arrived in Santa Barbara, well at least the waves have arrived. 10 - 15 ft swells were seen off campus point today. The weather on Christmas day should be a mild 23 degrees C (70 F). Development of the DOE catalyst testing station continues through the winter break. Happy holidays from Avinoak Industries.

19. Oct. 2005
This quarter at UCSB is progressing nicely. I have received training on some new instrumentation. Every week I blow off steam on the frisbee golf course. We had our first rain storm since the Spring this week. Oh Did you notice the updates to the Main Avinoak page?

02. Oct. 2005
Nitemer played an excellent Pregressive set at the Church in Denver last Friday. His release of his CD "White" went off well. I consider it a must listen. His new website is www.djnitemer.com. I hope you can check it out.

30. Aug. 2005
My research into molybdenum carbide catalysts has taken me to Argon National Lab this week. High intensity X-rays are used to study the bulk properties of the extended carbide structure.

24. Mar. 2005
Robert has joined up with Dr. Susannah Scott's research team at UC Santa Barbara. He will be studying gases phase interactions on metallic surfaces.

29. Oct. 2004
Elections are only five days away. Don't forget to vote!

07. Aug. 2004
... While Kerry and Bush blame each other for high energy costs, they agree on the fundamental goal of expanding alternative fuel use .

07. May. 2004
UCSB Chemistry department ranked 7th in the nation by ScienceWatch

06 Feb. 2003
In his 2003 State of the Union address, U.S. President George W. Bush announced the federal government's plans to develop alternative fuel sources for America's automobiles. Specifically, the President identified hydrogen as the most promising new source....

27. May. 2004
Nusil Technologies of Carpenteria, California has shown 20% growth in the last few years.

27. May. 2004
We have launched our new site. We will be adding new services soon.